Inquisitor Osbad Teyn was ancient by Imperial standards at nearly four hundred years of service to the Ordo Hereticus. He had witnessed the destruction wrought by the power-hungry within the Calixis Sector for centuries. As he bore witness to their scheming and plans, he discerned a pattern that he could use to thwart Chaos plots. It was subtle and visible only to the long-lived, but he knew that the pattern would repeat. He also knew that should he die, this understanding would die with him. In desperation, he turned to the sorcerous arts to unnaturally extend his own life so that he could continue to root out conspiracies within the Ecclesiarchy. Unfortunately, his own greed for life and power got the better of him. Now fully devoted to the worship of Tzeentch, Osbad Teyn has been declared Carta Extremis and is currently pursued by Ordo Malleus Inquisitors.

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