Known Aliases: He Who Seeks, Hound of Seven Sorrows

Known Associates or Organizations: Ulthyr Ellarion of the Twilight’s Edge, the Screaming Silence, the Narrow Shade Troupe

Preferred Methods of Operation: Arcturos studies the future using methods he learned from alien mystics of the Eldar and bases every action upon the outcome he divines. So far, his methods have proven only fitfully accurate, and he has had to retreat from a dead end more than once. Nevertheless, he perseveres with the faith of a zealot in the xenos techniques.

One of the alien species scholars of the Xeno Hybris faction, Inquisitor Arcturos is an ancient, brilliant man who keeps his own counsel. Once a thorough and meticulous member of the Ordo Xenos, Arcturos was initially drawn to the Calixis Sector during his lifelong study of the Eldar and their influence in the Segmentum Obscurus. For decades, Arcturos tracked down any trace of this enigmatic alien culture, ranging all the way out to the Gothic Sector and back. He uncovered tantalizing hints and rumors, but rarely anything solid. He is one of the few to set foot on the maiden world of Seedworld AFG:218, confirming that the world once belonged to the Eldar. After searching through the heart of its ruins and discovering the dangerous artifacts within, he placed the planet under Inquisitorial quarantine.

However, his first true breakthrough occurred after a battle with an unidentified xeno vessel in the Hazeroth Abyss. Arcturos’ ship was crippled, helpless before the enemy craft’s weapons. In the nick of time, an Eldar cruiser intervened, rescuing Arcturos and driving off the other ship with a barrage of pulsar lances. This ship belonged to Ulthyr Ellarion, an infamous Eldar corsair who prowls the space lanes of the Calixis Sector. Ellarion is rumored to host one of the rare Eldar Seers aboard his vessel, and it is said that this Seer imparted great knowledge to Arcturos during his stay aboard Ellarion’s ship, Twilight’s Edge.

What happened later is shrouded in mystery. Some claim that Arcturos became a guest of an Eldar Craftworld, whilst others say he roamed distant stars, transported by alien witchery. Whatever the truth, upon Arcturos’ return he was a deeply changed man. Arcturos swiftly became one of the Xeno Hybris’ faction’s most fervent members, and he is reputed to have a number of aliens amongst his retinue. Those who have spoken to Arcturos report that he is now obsessed with the Eldar’s means of viewing the future through a series of psycically-active runestones, and that he constantly practices this vile form of divination, basing every act on what he sees in the patterns of the stones.

Arcturos has recently turned his attention to the Rogue Traders who are beginning to explore the Koronus Expanse. His studies have hinted that some terrible threat to the sector may begin within this uncharted region in the Halo Stars.

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