Working as Senior Archivist in the Library of Knowing on Fenksworld, Jastus has unique access to many texts and sources of information unavailable to even sources within the Holy Ordos. His knowledge spans virtually every lore conceivable, often without regard to the mores and prejudices of the Imperium. Knowledge has become a drug for him, and while he continuously craves more, he’s very careful not to delve into tomes that might unhinge his sanity or worse.

The Mechanicus blessed Jastus with several optical mechadendrites in exchange for undisclosed information, allowing him to peruse a number of volumes at the same time. Combined with the thick spectacles covering his eyes, he looks almost more like a Tech-Priest than an archivist.

Payment must consist of a book or tome that is not in the library’s collection, an alternate transcription, or a more complete rendering of an existing work. The GM must be the final judge of what work would count as suitable recompense.

As a ResourceEdit

What It Provides: Information from any Common, Forbidden, or Scholastic Lore excepting those pertaining to the Warp, Ruinous Powers, or heretical rites.

Prerequisites: Adept or Tech-Priest Career.

Resource Test Modifiers: Base Modifier –20; Peer (Academics) +10, Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) +5, Total Recall +10.

Price/Cost: One book or tome as described above.

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