–Countless figures throughout known history

The Blood God, Khorne, is in an endless state of rage. He is often depicted sitting upon a massive brass throne atop a mountain formed from the skulls collected by himself and his worshippers.

His followers are barbaric death cults filled with bloodthirsty berserkers willing and able to shed blood in the service of their Dark God. The conquest of a planet by the servants of the Blood God is, unsurprisingly, a violent affair. It is not uncommon for battles in the streets to be presaged by the bodies of enemies raised on spikes. Less common, but no less dangerous, is a population’s subtle conversion to Khorne. When gladiatorial games become too popular, vicious, and depraved, those who are vaunted for their martial prowess can become gladiator kings or elite warrior castes who turn to Khorne to gain the power they need to succeed in battle. Through public reverence for these warriors the entire population can be turned to the gory worship of Khorne.

Bloodletters, the Lesser Daemons of Khorne, are embodiments of violence. Armed with a vicious sword or axe, the hunt with tactical focus fueled by their own rage. Bloodletters, however, are not without tact and guile. They may fight alongside other daemons or cultists as they gather skulls for the grim trophy racks beneath the brass throne of Khorne.

The world of Kulth was torn apart by bloodlust in the aftermath of a repelled Ork invasion. Minor Ork uprisings still occasionally happened when small bands of barbaric Orks would attack the outskirts of the smaller cities only to be repelled by the well-armed Planetary Defense Force. Young nobles began to try to prove themselves worthy of officership by personally felling an Ork and burning its body in front of witnesses. As the officer corps attempted to defeat Orks in more and more spectacular ways, many began to crave the violence of combat. Small private demonstrations of skill at arms were arranged, beginning with trick shots and stunts in the early years but ending with bloody pit fighting among the highest planetary officials. This escalation of violent one-upsmanship amongst these nobles ended in 813.M41 when Inquisitor Vilane made the difficult decision to eradicate the entire Planetary Defence Force, sparking the 19 Hours War that ended with the near-total destruction of Kulth's southern continent.

Calixian ServantsEdit

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