Kinog is a pleasure world within the Malfian sub-sector of the Calixis Sector.

A Slaaneshi daemon known Ruination of Imperfect Beauty arose upon the pleasure world Kinog in the early 8th century M41. The sinful of Kinog consorted in illicit pleasure, in the creation of extravagant art, and in ornate conspiracies---it was a pale and sordid reflection of corrupt Malfi, composed at the surface as a floral garden within which courtly love might bloom. Thorough decadence and exacting sin called a Ruination from the warp to complete the blackening of noble souls. This daemon led astray six wastrel scions and toyed with them for its pleasure, taking unknowable delight from the strange and abstract artistic torments it put them through. The daemon was destroyed by Inquisitor Felroth Gelt. It is believed that the sixth of the coven of seduced conspirators, a deluded and unrequited lover, escaped death and fled into the mid–hive. She is the last link that binds the daemon to the Materium, and whilst she lives, it may yet manifest once again.

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