There comes a time when the value of an individual’s network of connections exceeds the value of his body at the bottom of an underhive sump. Korvakae, commonly known as “Ears,” has sown a network of criminal cells on many worlds throughout Calixis. She both travels and makes use of private astropaths to maintain her network, but few doubt her breadth of knowledge in criminal matters. She sells information to a select and influential clientele—those with the power or authority to remove individuals permanently.

Korvakae is a slender female whose noble bearing makes her seem tall even though she stands only 1.68 meters high. She has short-cropped blonde hair, and dresses in clothing whose simplicity betrays their elegance and often exorbitant price.

She deals only in information at the highest levels and typically requires payments in secrets. She will only deal with those who have no secrets to trade if they pique her curiosity in other ways, and even in those cases the cost in Thrones is high. On the other hand, she will not accept monetary payment from those who possess valuable information.

As a ResourceEdit

What It Provides: Information about nearly any criminal organization in the Calixis Sector.

Prerequisites: Common Lore (Underworld) and Peer (Underworld).

Resource Test Modifiers: Base Modifier –10; Scum Career +5, Arbitrator Career +5, Forbidden Lore (Underworld) +10, Good Reputation (Underworld) +5, Interrogation +5.

Price/Cost: Korvakae only accepts a fee in Thrones if interested in the individual, but demands payment in secrets if she feels the person has them to give.

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