"They are of young and old. Of blood and shape and skin and soul. The war did birth the raging tide. Feather formed the hex inside. Flesh did rot and take time's toll. The senses wrought by ancient fools. The madman sees, the madman gleans. The third eye watches, the bound spirit screams. What is left when they come for us? Not bones, not towns, not books. Dust."

–Written on the walls of the Chapel of the Faultless Sacrifice on Kulth 8,976 times

Kulth is a war world located within the Periphery of the Calixis Sector. Hordes of Orks have assaulted the world of Kulth for decades. Inquisitor Hettesh Kane found his pupil Montesque upon this world.

The world of Kulth was torn apart by bloodlust in the aftermath of a repelled Ork invasion. Minor Ork uprisings still occasionally happened when small bands of barbaric Orks would attack the outskirts of the smaller cities only to be repelled by the well-armed Planetary Defense Force. Young nobles began to try to prove themselves worthy of officership by personally felling an Ork and burning its body in front of witnesses. As the officer corps attempted to defeat Orks in more and more spectacular ways, many began to crave the violence of combat. Small private demonstrations of skill at arms were arranged, beginning with trick shots and stunts in the early years but ending with bloody pit fighting among the highest planetary officials. This escalation of violent one-upsmanship amongst these nobles ended in 813.M41 when Inquisitor Vilane made the difficult decision to eradicate the entire Planetary Defence Force, sparking the 19 Hours War that ended with the near-total destruction of Kulth's southern continent.

No less than eighteen Knight Engines of Legio Venator from four separate worlds serve across the Calixis Sector, and they continue to wreak particular havoc against the marauding Orks on Kulth. Here, elite formations of Burst-pattern Lancer Engines dart across the battlefields, expertly striking the flanks of their opponents with torrential fire. Meanwhile, the Paladin Engines of the Adamantine Order stand defiant against the barbaric xenos in superb displays of martial combat, time and again striking down their crude warmachines with righteous fury.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Quicksilver Blade

Commonly found among the nobility of Kulth, these dueling blades were forged by a xenos race of unknown origin, and are possessed of such fluid grace that they are difficult to track with the human eye. They seem to bend and twist in the wielder’s hand, a blurred silver arc whistling through the air, and are nearly impossible to parry. Opponents attempting to parry the blade (but not dodge) suffer a –10 penalty to their Weapon Skill Test.

Melee, 1d10+2, R, PEN 0, Balanced, WT 2kg, Cost 1000, Rare

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