Lacusta is a Feral World in the Drusus Marches of the Calixis Sector. It is the home of the Windriders Imperial Guard Regiment.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Windrider Carapace Scale Armour

An odd mix of armor styles, this uses small diamond shaped armplas plates bound together in overlapping sections, forming a flexible covering that is less restrictive than normal carapace armor. The officers of the Lacustan Windriders favor this armor for the extra mobility it affords, as well as its savage appearance.

Body, AP 6, Cost 800, WT 6kg, Scarce

Lacusta Hammer

The Lacustan Windriders have developed a mixed reputation in Calixis, for despite their combat effectiveness many view them as no more civilized than their viscous reptilian mounts. They delight in brutal combat where the more blood spilled the better; dead enemies are often drained so the furry, two-legged lizards can drink their fill. One of their main weapons is a heavy warhammer mounted on a long staff, ideal for swinging in great arcs from on high. The pulped flesh left behind from each blow is testament to the strength of the attack. This weapon deals an additional +2 damage if the user is mounted. This weapon requires two hands to use.

Melee, 1d10+2(+SB), I, PEN 0, Primitive, WT 5kg, Average

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