The False Prophet of the Pilgrims of Hayte identified by the Holy Ordos as using the alias Lady Solace has been hunted by the Inquisition for more than 50 years. She was originally responsible for orchestrating the All Hallows Massacre which left over 1,000 clergymen and celebrants dead at the Presbytery of Saint La’Mass on Baraspine. Since then, she is known to have founded cult cells and worked her terrors on Merov, Reth, Dreah, and in the depths of Hive Sibellus itself.

Last encountered working to subvert the embittered Administratum serf underclass on Prol VI, her Pilgrims of Hayte clashed directly with the Ordo Malleus. Though her cult was smashed, she escaped, slaying the famed Daemonhunter Auros Varashev and an Imperial Callidus Assassin, as well as plunging an entire city into murderous anarchy in the process. Since then, the Ordo Malleus has pursued any lead on her whereabouts with furious intent, but her present location and activities remain unknown.

In her usual guise, she appears as a attractive woman of the patrician classes in her early middle years and favors somber but elegant attire. She often poses as a scion of a noble house fallen on hard times, ministering alms and aid to the needy, although she has also disguised herself as a simple hive worker or widow-woman in the past. When such pretense is thrown off, she is no less regal but insanity shines from her shockingly ice blue eyes and she dresses herself in opulent gowns made not from silk, but the stitched and flayed faces of those she has betrayed and corseted in the bones of children.

Lady Solace is an appallingly powerful sorcerer and adversary; she knows a great many Chaos rituals and has enslaved and indebted numerous daemons over the years.

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