One of the most intriguing features of the Lathes System are the three interlocking asteroid belts that span the system just outside the orbit of Lathe-Hadd. The three belts follow erratic paths that defy most astro-logicians, spinning and rotating wildly around Sentanim like the rings of a gyroscope. It is supposed that each belt is the scattered remains of a planet that once sailed through the dark and silent void, victims of the gravity shears, singularities, or other phenomena that plague the system and make it so interesting to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The composition of each belt is unique, supporting the theory that each marks the destruction of a different planet. The massive rocks of the Etiam Yohd Belt are as dark as the void, chunks of oily obsidian that hint at an entire planet of midnight rock. The Lapis Noon Belt consists almost entirely of fine shale soaked in frozen, raw promethium that ignites in fantastic detonations during collisions. Finally, the Crineta Resh Belt includes entire planetoids of multifaceted crystal, that psykers and mystics across the Calixis Sector covet for their practices.

The Tragula Zones are multiple sites where the three belts intersect, creating wandering realms of destruction and violence as countless tonnes of rock and precious minerals collide in eternally sparking, glittering splendour. Although the various navigational challenges and the unstable nature of the zones themselves make observation difficult, many adepts try to place observation platforms precariously along the Tragula Zones, hoping to unlock the mysteries of the Lathes System’s past and its strange gravitic anomalies.

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