Head of the dominant trade cartel on Hesiod's Wake, Lord Provost Arcule Yamatov has connections in every level of society and across the Hazeroth Sub-sector. His position has allowed his trade fleets to secure the best routes and charters, and he actively channels wealth that rightfully belongs to Governor Thule's planetary treasury into his personal coffers. Every deal and exchange, large or small, which occurs on the world includes a kickback or a profit-skim into Yamatov’s estate vaults.

The other local masters of agriculture and trade on Hesiod’s Wake would love to see Yamatov fall from power, but most are corrupt to some extent and many are in the Lord Provost’s pocket. The planet’s out-of-the-way location has allowed it to avoid close external scrutiny up to now; however, it is surely just a matter of time until the Administratum notices the meagre tithes or Governor Thule realizes the truth.

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