House Verence is one of the preeminent noble houses of Scintilla with extensive holdings in Hive Tarsus and Gunmetal City. Lord Verence is a member of the inner circle of Lord Sector Hax’s court and has grown in Hax’s favor for his insights into dealing with the politics of Scintilla’s other hives. Lord Verence appears a juvinat---softened, gaudy degenerate with a taste for epicurean pleasure that is well known amongst the upper echelons of Scintillan society. The truth is somewhat at odds with the mask.

House Verence is one of the oldest noble houses of the sector, able to trace its blood back to an aide of Angevin during the early stages of his crusade. They are and always have been faithful to the pure and true faith of the Temple of the Saviour Emperor, and Lord Verence is not a slowly decaying libertine, but a skilled and dangerous manipulator who has used his position to further the ends of his faith and shield those who share the faith of his house.

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