Loss is a feral world in the Malfian Sub-sector of the Calixis Sector. During the rise of the arch-heretek Umbra Malygris, he and his followers subjected the worlds of Loss, Xeiros Prime and MMX215 to terrifying experiments. Orbital apostasic arrays drove entire planets into raving insanity. Bio-forged horrors stalked formerly-bountiful wastelands, transgenic atrocities ravaged entire cities, and enormous gene-lathes processed entire populations into ulcerous, writhing seas of living tissue. The infamous heretek was eventually stopped in a joint Inquisitorial-Mechanicus purge in the system of Synford II.

Unique EquipmentEdit


A fungal derivative found on Loss, where the growth was often simply eaten raw as an emergency foodstuff, Leatherwort is now more frequently used by gangs throughout the Malfian sub-sector and is often called Tuff. When allowed to decay, then dried and pressed, the thick powdery slabs can be rubbed into skin. Applied areas turn a mottled dark green as the chemicals seep in, then slowly return to normal coloration. The pain receptors in those areas are deadened for hours, and the skin is much tougher than normal with the consistency of hard leather.

Such areas count as having two additional Armor Points which can be added to regular armor, and the user gains +10 to Toughness based tests.

Cost 115, Scarce

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