Magos Genetus Halix Redole, a Genetor of the Adeptus Mechanicus Organicists sect, is famed for his solution to the problems faced by the oceanic agri-world of Spectoris, a problem which took him five years to solve and resulted in his discovery of coral paste, a substance now used by the entire planetary population to ward off the dangerous predatory fish within its waters.

Genetor Redole’s research on Spectoris turned up far more than has ever been revealed publicly. Spectoris’s proximity to the Adrantis Nebulae led Redole to suspect it had at one time been a testing ground for the infamous deviant genetic tampering of the Adranti. This struck at the very core of Redole’s beliefs and he swore to the Omnissiah that if it took him a lifetime, he would unlock the keys to wiping out the scourge of Adranti genetic corruption.

For more than four hundred years, Redole grappled with the twisted legacy of the Adranti, which has drawn the negative attention of Cardinal Pyris Valcarna, Cardinal of the Adrantian Diocese of the Sector Synod. His lifelong efforts and the seemingly endless series of discoveries that his research uncovered eventually led to him being elevated to the exalted rank of Magos Genetus. When he knew that his life’s fire was all but spent, he turned copies of the bulk of his research notes over to the Lathes and to the Ordo Calixis. Access to Redole’s notes is tightly restricted, for every single person that has since dared to walk in his footsteps has uniformly gone mad... or worse. As for the Magos Genetus, while most believe him to be dead, some whisper that a master of the forces of life is not so easily toppled...

Redole Re-breatherEdit

Widely considered amidst the greater triumphs of a much-celebrated career, one of the legendary Magos Genetus Halix Redole’s final contributions to the Imperium was an alternate form of re-breather that followed the philosophies by which he lived his life. Unsatisfied with what he deemed to be the “dual and therefore unfocused” use of the standard Imperial re-breather, Redole set out to create a device that would allow a user to stay underwater for a greater period of time than its predecessor. Instead of using purely mechanical components, Redole integrated vat-grown flesh versions of piscine gills with a series of increasingly complex helmets till he found the combination he sought. The Redole Re-breather is a helmet that literally draws breathable oxygen from the water around it, allowing a user to stay underwater indefinitely. As long as a Redole Re-breather’s flesh components are kept wet, each has a functional life of around a decade before needing to be replaced. Even so, due to the effort and materials required to create one, only nobles and their elite cadres can afford to use them. Note that unlike a “standard” re-breather, Redole’s device provides no protection against harmful air-born toxins as it only functions underwater.

Cost 250, WT 1kg, Rare

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