The Margin Crusade into the Halo Stars was launched following ratifying of the Lex Corvinus by the Great Synod Segmentum thirty years ago. This bull granted the power to raise a war of faith under the auspices of High Confessor Corvinus of Thracian Primaris and called upon the Sectors Scarus, Calixis and Ixaniad to provide the means. In the subsequent decades, the Crusade made scant progress and slowly exhausted itself, boiling away beyond the borders of Calixian space, far beyond the frontier world of Kalf.

The Crusade continues to demand regiments from Lord Sector Hax, and he reluctantly supplies troops from the worlds of Calixis under the proviso that surviving veteran regiments are returned after a span of service before fresh meat is fed to the grinder. The war is a diverse and bloody affair, bogged down by the vagaries of warp travel and the tactical ineptitude of those in charge, achieving little despite thousands of lives spent and the continued admonitions of its controlling priests.

It embarked in the year 784.M41 across the Periphery and into the darkness of the galactic north; a flotilla of dozens of cruisers and millions of troops. In the three decades since, dozens more ships and millions more troops have been raised in the name of the crusade and sent off into the void never to return. What only a handful of the highest ranking members of the Sector Synod know however is that Corvinus is dead, slain by alien hands on a distant world and his crusade smashed to bloody wreckage amongst the stars.

Despite this however the Ministorum continues to fabricate news of the crusade’s success and to draw fresh troops and vessels from the compliant worlds of the sector. Some of these the church uses for itself (outside the sector of course), the majority however find their way to other fronts far from the light of their home stars. The church finds having an active crusade useful in more ways than one. Quite apart from the resources it generates, it allows them to draw attention away from more local problems and the concerns of the System Synods and planetary governance. So as long as it serves their purpose the Margin Crusade will continue to exist, toppling fictitious alien empires and reclaiming distant worlds for the Imperium.

Background PackagesEdit

Guardsman: Soldier of the Margin Crusade

Cost: 200 XP

The soldiers who have returned from Corvinus’s holy war are scarred veterans who have seen much in their travels, and their experiences out beyond the Emperor’s light make them ideal for service with the Holy Ordos.

Effects: Apply all of the following changes to your character:

Characteristics: Reduce Toughness by –3.

Skills: You gain Awareness (Per) and Survival (Int).

Talents: Gain the Unshakable Faith talent.