The Markayn Marches is one of several sub-sectors of the Calixis Sector. It is located spinward and coreward of the Golgenna Reach and is bordered by the Periphery and the Josian Reach.

The Markayn Marches is a fairly remote sub-sector without much influence. Cardinal Yvenna of the Markayn Arch-Diocese has relentlessly pursued the interests of the Ministorum and gone to great lengths to tighten its grasp on the worlds of the sub-sector. Unfortunately, in her crusade for power she has been neither kind nor gentle with noble houses and Administratum officials, creating many enemies and numerous headaches for Ignato. In addition to this, the remoteness of many of the worlds within her diocese as well as its high proportion of undeveloped or frontier worlds has made many of the dark and forgotten corners of the Markayn Marches a haven for renegades and heretical cults, including the Beast House and The Menagerie. Although the heretics are neither especially unusual nor especially dangerous, the zealots who have showed up to purge them have been causing her problems, especially the Red Redemption.


Space Stations and ShipsEdit

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