The Mendicantine Fraters are an order of Imperial preachers and confessors dedicated to a life ministering to the Imperial fold and protecting the Imperial faithful out among the stars. They are missionaries who travel whenever need or the calling of their faith takes them, be it along the famous pilgrim trails or to all but forgotten worlds on the fringes of explored space. Fiercely independent wanderers, Mendicantines take and train novices as they find them, teaching them their creed in an ad-hoc and earnest manner.

This reliance on providence over doctrine is the cause of some distrust within the wider clergy, and many well-situated cardinals find them and their ministries outside of the control of “proper” Ecclesiarchical authorities to be threat. The Mendicantines, however, have the protection of ancient tradition that holds that their order was created by no less than Sebastian Thor himself and thus they enjoy the respect of the common citizenry to maintain them.

Background PackagesEdit

Cleric: Mendicantine Missionary

Cost: 100 XP

Some Inquisitors find a Mendicantine’s staunch independence, strong personal faith and survival skills to be great assets in an Acolyte cleric, particularly if they themselves have Thorian leanings. Many brothers see Inquisitorial service as a chance to directly protect the Emperor’s people from spiritual harm and falsehood.

Effects: Apply all of the following changes to your character:

Skills: You gain Common Lore (Imperium) (Int), Navigation (Surface) (Int), Scholastic Lore (Legends) (Int) and Survival (Int).

Equipment: Owing to your vow of poverty, halve the amount of Thrones you gain for starting money. Also, you have a social class level of Outcast for determining monthly income.

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