Population: 12,500

Tithe Grade: Exactus Non

Geography: Volcanic plains dominated by sulphuric acid-filled impact craters.

Government: Colonial council.

Planetary Governor: High Councillor Janghis Rak.

Adept Presence: Very low.

Military: Colonial Militia (equiv. 5 companies.)

Trade: Minimal.

Moons: 12

Misery IX exists within the Periphery of the Calixis Sector. The Misery IX colony has existed for eight centuries, originally being established as an offshoot of a Machenko Dynasty enterprise in the subsector that ultimately failed to produce any profits. The colony is to all intents and purposes independent, and the High Councilor of its ruling body is treated, if not formally recognized, as an Imperial Commander by subsector authorities. The colony exists at little more than subsistence level and has precious few exports of any value to the subsector. None choose to live there, and most would leave if they had the means.

Misery IX was recently visited by the Tyrant Star and in its wake only madness and ruin remain.

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