Six decades ago, as a young missionary, Orland Skae left the relative comfort of his post in the high churches of Scintilla. Following what he felt to be his vocation to preach the Emperor’s word, he travelled to Iocanthos. For many years, he operated with little support, and his crusade to bring the vying warlords and clans of Iocanthos more solidly into the Imperial fold and to fully abandon the “old ways” has been a hard and sometimes bloody struggle. In this time, he did make friends with the warlord Seth the Voice, though now they are friends no longer. His slow but genuine gains have merited further promotion and support from his distant superiors, eventually becoming impressive enough to garner greater resources from the Ecclesiarchy. This, in turn, has been enough to allow for the establishment of Iocanthos’s first cathedral in the Imperial settlement of Stern Hope. If Skae is successful, he will be named its bishop by his masters---Iocanthos’s first of that rank.

Pride and burgeoning ambition, however, has been Skae’s downfall. In searching for a site for the cathedral’s location, he was drawn to an ancient valley that legend told was a former stronghold of the old gods he was determined to eradicate. Unfortunately one of those “old gods” found him, in the shape of the entity known as Tsyiak, the Dancer at the Threshold. Since then, the Daemon has slowly whispered in Skae’s mind, fanned the flames of his desire for greatness, eroded his sanity and slowly corrupted him, bending the abbot’s own plans for the cathedral to secretly fulfil its own designs. Although the abbot is outwardly in control, the Daemon has worn away Skae’s mind to shreds, and now appears to him in visions in the guise of Saint Drusus, and convinced him that no sacrifice or deceit is too great a price to pay for bringing about the miracle of the saint’s return.

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