The Morgauth are a scavenging reptilid race of xenos, not known for their subtlety.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Morgauth Burn Caster

This compact, brutish looking, multi-barreled gun is popular with human renegades and pirates operating out past the Fydae Great Cloud. The caster is valued for boarding actions and for use against dangerous xenoforms such as Orks and void lurkers for its sheer stopping power. It uses a hybrid of debased Imperial and alien technology attributed to a minor Xenos race known as the Morgauth. The scavenging reptilid Morgauth are not a species known for their subtlety and this weapon is no exception, nor is the effect its rapid firing self-propelled thermic shells have on the target.

The burn caster’s ammunition has Scarce availability where the weapon is found with a base price of 10 Thrones per round.

Basic, 20m, S/3/–, 1d10+4, E, PEN 9, Clip 12, RLD 3Full, Unstable, WT 4kg, Cost 2,750, Scarce†

†On the worlds of the Calixis sector’s Trailing border, Very Rare elsewhere

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