Mortressa is a feral death world known for its steaming endless jungles teaming with hostile life and its famed “Sythewind” regiment, whose Guardsmen, armed with their ever-present hand axes, make for phenomenally adept scouts and infiltrators. The Mortressan iron-tribes are some of the most renowned hunters and beast slayers in the entire sector, as befits their survival against the veritable hordes of carnosaurs and other dangerous predators that populate their world. Ever since the sector’s early days, a Sythewind regiment has been maintained and continuously (if slowly) replenished, rather than re-raised, owing to the world’s relatively small population, with the few surviving veterans given special dispensation to return to their home world once their duty is done. There, they form a respected ruling class of elders who pass their knowledge and wide experience down to the young hunters of their tribe, creating a culture where to be chosen for Imperial service is the highest of honors.

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