The Hippocrasian Agglomeration orbits the lifeless world of Morwen VI, a planet whose life was stripped from it by orbital bombardment at the outset of the Adrantian phase of Angevin’s great crusade. The Hippocrasians are a sect of the Biologis concerned with the death of flesh: how it occurs, what brings it about and how it can be halted. What purpose the Adrantine fringes are to them is not known, but the planet’s scorched and ash-coated surface suits the needs of the Hippocrasian sect. The area has drawn more and more Magos who hold common fascinations with the nature of life and death, and who wish to pursue their work undisturbed. Today, Morwen VI is orbited by an irregular agglomeration of ships that now make up one of the largest and most secretive Mechanicus independent facilities in the sector, and a frequent layover for exploratory ships wishing to travel the Nebula.

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