Mosul is a frontier world in the Markayn Marches of the Calixis Sector. The forests of Mosul have been the site of conflicts between the Ministorum and the Red Redemption. The Kasballican faction upon Mosul has recently gotten involved in a cross-faction war with several other Kasballican princes and princesses from Bront, Sozomen's Last Stand, Cantus and ND0/K4. A set of armor belonging to a mysterious xenos species known as the Mecronids, which itself takes the form of liquid metal that conforms to the body, but also tries to take over its wearer.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Mecronid Armour

Discovered in the ruins of Mosul, this unique set of armor has sparked much debate amongst the Ordo Xenos as to whether this device is truly an alien in its own right, a parasite of sort, or simply a device employed by its alien creators. Resembling naught so much as a pool of liquid metal, the device responds to external stimulation, although is resistant to auspex scans.

When the metal comes into contact with human skin, it begins to coalesce, slithering over the skin to form a protective sheath much like armor. The metal is cool to the touch and responds to attacks by becoming momentarily super-dense, deflecting impacts or energy blasts across its surface. Using Mecronid armor does have its downsides, however. So long as the wearer remains conscious, the armor remains protective.

As soon as the wearer loses consciousness, however, the parasitical armor attempts to slither inside the wearer, either consuming or taking control of him from within long enough to find a new host. Either way, it is often fatal for the wearer.

If the wearer of the armor loses consciousness, he must make an immediate Willpower Test. Failure indicates that the armor is trying to crawl within him, suffocating him at a rate of 1d10 Damage per round, ignoring armor or Toughness Bonus. Death indicates that the armor has taken control of the victim, crudely manipulating his body into doing its bidding---normally, hunting down another unwitting target.

All, AP 7, WT 2kg, Cost 15,000, Very Rare

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