Omnicron 71-DX is a forge world in the Adrantus Nebula of the Calixis Sector. Though most cyber-mastiffs are produced within Hive Subrique on Landunder, a small portion are made at Omnicron 71-DX as a symbolic tribute from the Mechanicus to the Precinct Command, and so are found almost exclusively in the elite Arbitrator and Chastener formations on Scintilla. These mastiffs are often nicknamed “sleeks,” for their more rounded lines and fluidly elegant movements, or “smoke-dogs” for the matte-grey metal used for their exteriors.

Forge World OriginEdit

Close to the Adrantis Nebula, Omnicron 71-DX has been used as a research station for hundreds of years, and those who herald from this small but important location are said to be more adept at stargazing than other Tech-Priests in the Calixis Sector.

Characters originating from Omnicron 71-DX start with training in the Pilot (Space Craft) and Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) Skills.

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