“I have cast the rune stones and I know why you are here... I speak to the Great One---the Emperor---directly. Yet you, you hide behind your robes and your words and your hate. You are further away from the Emperor’s light than I...”

— Last words of Mother Blight, soothsayer, Penolpass

Penolpass is a feudal world in the Malfian Sub-sector of the Calixis Sector.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Double Flail

Class: Exotic (Double Flail)

The lithe, dancing warriors of Penolpass use a weapon known as a double flail as their primary weapon. The weapon has an unusual structure, consisting of two spiked heads attached to chains affixed on either end of a stout wooden shaft. Given the complexity of this weapon, using it effectively requires a great deal of skill. The true masters of the weapon---those of the Penolpassian Blood Order---can make its use a deadly, though beautiful, dance. In rare cases, the weapon’s shaft can split to produce two smaller flails.

Exotic, 1d10(+SB), I, PEN 0, Flexible, Primitive, Two-Handed, WT 4kg, Cost 28, Scarce


Also known as Glob in the common Penolpass hive-slang, Hyperexia is a refined chemical from the wastelands. When ingested in frequent measured doses, it will thicken the skin into a rubbery texture. Consumers will gain a greater tolerance for extremes of heat and cold, allowing them to function normally where others would require specialized clothing. This is especially useful as the Penolpassian days can reach sweltering temperatures, and the nights can freeze blood.

Hyperexia consumers gain the Resistance (Cold, Heat) Talent and as it drives a much higher metabolic rate, they will suffer 1 point of Fatigue. Hyperexia must be taken at least a dozen times over the course of as many days before it takes effect. After which the user must take one dose every week to maintain their thickened skin.

Cost 80, Scarce

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