"Beware the Xenos who wears the face of Man. If you suspect someone of harbouring xenos or having xenos sympathies, report them to the Adeptus Arbites without delay."

–sign posted in the spaceport at Port Wrath

Port Wrath is a huge combination dockyard and naval base serving as headquarters for Battlefleet Calixis. It half protrudes from a metallic planetoid orbiting Mundus, a white dwarf star in the Golgenna Reach, and bristles with lance batteries matching the firepower of most fleets. Commanded for over fifty years by Rear-Admiral Zoila Kusch, this is the mainstay Imperial Navy installation in the Calixis Sector. At one point, Port Wrath's foundry wards were the home of a heretek cult of followers of Umbra Malygris who practiced a form of mutational bioforging upon their workers to both improve their quotas and control them body and soul. These hereteks were later purged.

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