Regions of semi-stable gravity exist throughout the Lathes System, safe from the treacherous gravity shears and micro-singularities that haunt it. These points allow the adepts to cache fragile large cargoes, important secret research stations, and various derelicts awaiting the attention of reclamation teams throughout the Lathes System. The Praelcusio Anchor Points provide safe and secure locations for the most clandestine projects, and the most dangerous artefacts and test subjects. Treasures being kept at these points include the remnants of an ancient Ork Rok, a nearly intact space hulk once infested with Genestealers, and a mysterious gleaming vessel that has defied entry. The prize of the collection, though, are large fragments of a vast xenos world-ship. Recovered in ancient times, the Mechanicus has shifted this wreckage from stronghold to stronghold for centuries, while generations of adepts attempted to rip its secrets from its smooth, bone-like hull.

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