“Have you never wondered where the lost go? Not the dead, but those lost to hope, and lost to all that holds us to these tattered fragments of life? No, I see that you do not think on this. Neither do I, for I have seen that place, and know that to it I must go in time, as will we all.”

–from the last confession of Navigator Conrad Nostromo before his execution by the Ordos Calixis

There are dark places amidst the Halo Stars, cursed or beyond understanding, where the very voids reject the hand of man. The unnamed system that hosts the Processional of the Damned is one such place; it is a blighted void, a few barren worlds circling a bright and turbulent star. Closer in to the solar energies is the Processional: a thin orbiting chain of wreckage, warp-crushed space hulks, and dead vessels of a hundred different xenos origins. If the myriad docks of the Segmentum Obscurus each launched a new vessel at the very same time, that vast fleet might approach the scope of the Processional. The currents of the warp have cast these uncounted thousands of sorry wrecks and ship-ruins here, perhaps for longer than mankind has travelled the stars---perhaps for longer than mankind has existed. Ghosts and other warp-echoes orbit with the Processional, bound to the wreckage and the dust of their remains.

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