Situated in the Markayn Marches, the planetary system of Prol, known colloquially as the “Scrivener’s Star,” is the site of perhaps the most widely known strife within the Administratum of the Calixis Sector. Based around ten minor planetoids, barely habitable and of no economic worth, the system was ceded to the Administratum in the sector’s early days as a vast depository and data store. Now, at last, it is running out of space for its countless volumes of information (much of it long since utterly useless, hopelessly out of date, or never once used or referred to).

For decades trouble has been brewing among Prol’s hereditary adept class, the Decatalogues, as to the resolution of their chronic storage problems as the currently inhabited and active world Prol IX reaches capacity. Now the Decatalogues, split between the Centurists who wish to relocate to the forbidden world of Prol X and the Pyratics who wish to start anew on the immolated remains of Prol I, have come to the precipice of genuine civil war.

While the disagreement began as little more than a war of words, tedious treatise, and lengthy written arguments, now sporadic killings, sabotage, and even deliberately withheld food and resource shipments have become commonplace on Prol IX. Additionally, this preoccupation and strife has meant that the servile classes, condemned to labor under the Decatalogues, are becoming increasingly restless and unruly.

The specter of a worker’s revolt is only made worse by certain factions seeking to arm their menials for use against their enemies. Several cult groups have already sprung up in recent years, intent on exploiting the misrule and uncertainty on Prol IX. Many in the Inquisition consider the entire system now nothing more than a tinderbox awaiting the right spark to ignite a fatal conflagration that will doom the 60 million souls that inhabit the worlds of the Scrivener’s Star.

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