The Purgatory of Soubirous is a mining world in the Hazeroth Abyss of the Calixis Sector.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Soubrious Power Pack

Upon the mining world of Soubirous, there are four rocks scattered throughout the endless mine tunnels that are naturally formed in the shape of the Imperium’s double-headed eagle. The mine has since been converted into a shrine, the stones wreathed in a blue-white eternal flame.

While Soubirous is not a common destination, pilgrims who undertake the hazardous journey to each of the burning eagles may be allowed access to a small Templum deep within the planet’s crust. Within the Templum, a well of ever-burning promethium is said to be blessed by the Emperor. Numerous prophets have spoken of hearing the Emperor’s voice ringing out within the caverns. If they approach it, they may place a single lasgun charge close to the well overnight, which recharges it. Recharging a lasgun powerpack in this way renders it incapable of being recharged again. However, shots fired with a las-weapon using such a “blessed” power pack count as Sanctified which has certain effects on Daemons and some Warp creatures (as noted in their descriptions). Any creature with the Warp Instability trait which takes one or more points of damage from a lasgun fired with a blessed power pack must Test for Warp Instability.

Cost 150, Very Rare

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