The Q’Orl are a particularly insidious insectoid race that infest several worlds on the rim of the Calixis Sector and beyond. Their true motivations are unknown, but they have been known to raid Imperial settlements for captives, especially psykers.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Q’Orl Mind Grub

It is speculated that the Q’Orl use captured psykers to pilot their vessels through the Warp, making up for their race’s own lack of psychically-active individuals. Whatever the reason, this Xenos race has a rather unpleasant way of controlling their captives---the Q’Orl Mind Grub. The Mind Grub resembles a fat larvae about the size of a little finger, but with a pulsating mass of writhing probes and antennae in place of a head. The grub wriggles into the head of its unwitting victim, burrowing into the base of the cranium from where it inserts its probes upwards into the brain. The grub makes a psyker easy to control, opening them up to suggestion, whether by pheromones or by vocal commands.

Some Inquisitors attempt to make use of Mind Grubs to control otherwise dangerous psykers, either ensuring their loyalty through the threat of infestation, or actually dominating the psyker by allowing the Mind Grub to crawl inside the psyker’s brain. A Mind Grub is difficult to control, however, although crude replicated pheromones gifts a limited amount of control over the parasite and its host. Instead, the controller takes advantage of the heightened susceptibility and docility exhibited by an infested psyker, giving them instructions that they are powerless to resist.

Sometimes deliberate infestation backfires on an Inquisitor, especially when the Inquisitor and his psychic ‘pet’ come into unwitting contact with the Q’Orl themselves. In such a case the Mind Grub and its host fall under the sway of the Q’Orl colony, often resulting in the infestation of the Inquisitor.

A psyker infested with a Mind Grub has his Willpower halved for the purposes of resisting psychic powers or other commands. At the behest of the Mind Grub’s controller, the psyker can be placed under the effects of the Dominate psychic power for 1D10 rounds, attempting to resist as normal (in this case, the controller of the Mind Grub uses his Willpower to contest against the victim). Failure indicates that they are dominated, and are therefore entirely under the Mind Grub’s control.

Infestation by a Mind Grub incurs 1D10 insanity points per day that the Mind Grub remains implanted within the victim’s brain.

WT 1kg, Cost Special, Availability Special

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