Radicals have deviated from the Imperial Truth. They vary immensely in their beliefs, from those who use the forces of the warp against its inhabitants to Inquisitors who seek to shatter the very Imperium they serve. A Radical will often say that all Inquisitors start out as Puritans, but that as they are exposed to the realities of the Imperium and the galaxy beyond, they inevitably become more and more flexible in their ideas and all become Radicals in the end. Puritans, on the other hand, consider the more extreme Radicals to have been corrupted by the very power they wield and the dreadful knowledge to which they are exposed. Most Radicals try to conceal their divergent beliefs when in the company of many other Inquisitors, preferring to pursue their agendas away from the sight of more puritanical souls. Some, however, are outspoken in their views and can gain many enemies in attempting to convert Puritans to their cause. Inquisitors are generally wary of such beliefs within their Acolytes, at least until they have proven themselves over many successful investigations.

Radical FactionsEdit

Within the Calixis SectorEdit

Radicals factions exist within the Calixian Conclave, each following their own goals and tenants. These are listed here:

One of the most successful creations of Calixian Radicals was the Blighted Schola, a corrupted form of the Schola Progenium meant to raise individuals suited for service to a Radical inquisitor.

Excommunicate TraitorisEdit

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