“...They’re coming through the walls... we’ve lost the enginarium and the port gun deck... urgent assistance requi... the... need heavier arms... the... [screeching sounds interlaced with rapid shotcannon fire]... falling back! God Emperor save me... broken thr...”

–transcription of a vox data recovered from the wreck of the Merchant Brig Daughter of Regals, lost with all hands. 811.M41

The Rak'Gol are a relatively new threat to those who would ply the Koronus Expanse, encountered first in the dim stars past the Alenic Depths a little more than a century ago. A xenos breed of which little is known for fact, they take the appearance of rough-hewn and irregular stone reptilids, eight-limbed and over three meters long. Chalky white in color and mantis-like in bodily arrangement, Rak’Gol warriors favor cybernetic augmentation to increase their abilities and replace lost limbs. Their point of origin remains unknown, as does the motivation for their sporadic attacks on human-held worlds and vessels, other than to slaughter indiscriminately and steal minerals and weapons. Their rasping, screeching language remains incomprehensible, and no successful communication between the Rak’Gol and humanity has been recorded; no Rak’Gol has ever been captured alive. Indeed, even their name is taken from children’s stories of mythical monsters from Footfall’s slums, legends which they superficially resemble.

Rak’Gol technology is judged by the Magos Explorators to be inferior to the Imperial standard, but what they lack in this regard they more than make up for with their ferocity and single-mindedness, as well as their individual combat prowess, which is considerable. Many mysteries surround them, not least of all the location of their home world, already marked for destruction by many Rogue Traders should it be found. Some believe that they may possess a pocket xeno-empire somewhere deep in the Expanse; others claim they are no more than nomads, moving locust-like through the stars. Another mystery the Explorators and Ordo Xenos would like answered is how they appear to be able to navigate the empyrean with some skill, as no psykers have been reported among them. A few adepts with the dark wisdom to know such things have noted that the distorted symbols they use to adorn themselves bear some similarity to the blasphemous iconography of Chaos.

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