The Ryboth System is small, containing only three planets orbiting a dim yellow sun in the Markayn Marches. These planets include the small barren rock of Ryboth and the gas giant MKZH-12, where the mining station Tranthos Gamma hangs suspended in low orbit. Though Ryboth is no longer the economic juggernaut it once was, the system still boasts many intriguing features.

When the Great Storm hit, Ryboth’s many orbital docks and geosynchronous defense platforms were caught completely unprepared. After the failure of their void shields, cataclysmic system failure quickly followed and extinguished all known life in orbit. The result is an expanse of orbital debris that poses a grave hazard to anyone trying to land on the planet’s surface. Worse still, the innumerable hulks and floating wreckage provide an ideal haven for piratical raiders and exiles, who frequently prey on any ship foolish enough to venture into the region without heavily armed escort.

A small picket force of the Adeptus Mechanicus fleet once routinely patrolled Ryboth’s system and other nearby Lathe holdings. While engaging their Warp drives for a brief jump, the energy of the gamma ray burst swept through the void and struck the fleet. The ships immediately disappeared into the Warp, and all contact with the ship’s crews was lost. However, rumors of sightings and strange occurrences lead many to believe that, though lost to the Warp, the crew did not all perish.

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