The largest concentration of the Orders Dialogous in Calixis is the library-keep of the Sanctum Dialogous on Solomon. It houses a full preceptory of Sisters Dialogous and is guarded by a thousand Battle Sisters and a squadron of Imperial Navy ships in orbit. While regular traffic is allowed to and from the planet, it is commonly believed that the Naval ships keep sensors locked on the small promontory where the Sanctum is located. No one has revealed the secrets held in its vaults (under penalty of death) and none are allowed to view its forbidden contents on pain on death without Inquisitorial clearance, though it has been thought to hold all manner of heretical and xenos texts which have been fully translated into High Gothic. In conjunction with their joint work with the Sisters Famulous, they also maintain the history and blood lineage of the founding nobles for the sector including the Sinos family, the Haarlocks, the Sabrehagens, and, of course, the Angevin. Whatever is actually in there, the information deep below the Sanctum rivals that are housed anywhere within the Ecclesiarchy’s holdings.

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