The Saynay Clan is a dynasty of corrupt monsters from the feral world of Dusk. The necrophagic cult worships Mord'dagan, the Eater of the Dead and supernatural beast of legend, one of the Seven Devils of Dread Calyx. Their ghoulish, appalling history has made them infamous, and have given children of the Calixis Sector nightmares for centuries.

They fled their fetid home world after the corruption of their blood and their necro-cannibalistic ways were discovered by agents of the Inquisition. In time they made their way to the Koronus Expanse, and here they exist still in disparate craft whose insides are like slaughter houses hung with dismembered corpses of those taken in the Clan’s raids on shipping and isolated outposts. The Clan and its vassals feed on the dead, daub foul runes on the hulls of the ships, and perform terrible sacrificial rites to summon daemons into the defiled flesh of the dead. Above the slaughter preside the flesh-gorged matriarchs and patriarchs of the Clan, their finery and rotting wigs cracked with dry gore. Such is the reputation of the Saynay Clan that even other pirates and raiders shrink from them and cower at the threat of their attention.

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