The Scythians are a xenos species in the galaxy of which little was known except that they came from a region of space designated HR8518. They are noted as being a race of warrior-monks, dedicated to a peculiar form of armed martial arts. The species is known to be the creators of both the Scythian Venom Talon and the Scythian Fury Talons that are ritualistic weapons capable of carrying five doses of poisons or drugs.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Scythian Fury Talon

A cruel-looking blade, the Fury Talon resembles the sharp claw of some beast fashioned into a dagger. In combat, the blade is coated with a thin sheen of acid or venom drawn from a tank built into the hilt. The Scythians use the Fury Talon as part of their sacrificial rituals, cutting deeply into a target while the venoms laced into the blade ensure that the victim remains in a state of heightened bliss... or excruciating pain.

The talon can store up to five doses of any poison or drug. In addition to normal Damage inflicted by the blade, a victim wounded will also be affected by a dose of the stored poison or drug as though it had been injected into his body.

Melee, 1d5+3, R, PEN 3, Toxic, WT 1kg, Cost 1,000, Very Rare

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