Preliminary Analysis of Obelisk Found During Expedition to Seedworld-Gamma-9

Author: Xeno-Arcanist Xoth Lyncarte

///Transcript begins///

The device, for that is what it is in truth, is a curved obelisk that stands approximately 7.5 meters high. The device was devoid of all signs of age, though I would say that it has stood for many millennia. A detailed analysis with the assistance of Magos Zephrin will be needed to fix its date of origin with greater certainty. The device is fashioned from the psycho-active substance used in all Eldar construction. However, my colleagues of the Priesthood of Mars have discerned that it is bonded to a seam of crystal that runs deep into the bedrock of this world. This I believe is of considerable significance and I shall return to it later.

On the surface of the device are a series of rune-like inscriptions in low relief. These inscriptions are consistent with a written form of the Eldar tongue. I am familiar enough with the language of the Eldar to give a crude assessment of the meaning of the inscriptions. The basic tone of their meaning is a warning, but a warning imparted not to an enemy but to kin, or those who share in an understanding. It is not the kind of warning I expected, a warning to trespassers in the domains of the Eldar that are all too common to the feral worlds they consider under their protection. Rather the warning was closer in meaning to “shun this place,” an entreaty to flee in the face of dire peril.

The astropathic staff attached to the expedition inform me that the obelisk broadcasts a powerful psychic signal into the darkness of the surrounding stars. I believe the purpose of this device is to send its message into the void. I am forced to wonder whether other worlds in this volume of space might not harbour similar devices and to speculate at a possible connection with the relative scarcity of Eldar activity within the Calixis Sector.

///End transcript///

///This preliminary report was the only one to be transmitted prior to the loss of the entire expedition—Reasons unknown.///

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