Sigurd IV is a hive world in the Josian Reach of the Calixis Sector. An order of the Orders Hospitaller known as The Order of Quiet Sorrow is located on this planet. They are known for being unique in their attire; instead of the more traditional outfit of their order, they wear a black and bone color scheme in penitence for a past failing.

Sigurd FoundryEdit

Sigurd Foundry is a somewhat unsuccessful ammunitions hive-factory on Sigurd IV, whose owners were found to be both unwise at business as well as in spiritual matters by the Inquisition. New ownership in the last century successfully converted the factories to producing rations and food packs. The existing machinery for refining and packing chemical propellants and explosives transitioned smoothly, and now the company imports vast quantities of agri-world products and turns them into processed meal kits. They are a staple of many survival packs and many portable habs even include them as part of the ready-assembly.

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