Sisk is a feudal world within the Periphery of the Calixis Sector.

Sisk as the site of the fall of the Golden Despot, where Inquisitor Lucius Fulcio of the Ordo Hereticus demonstrated his cunning and saving key individuals from the fire and ruin of that time, which lead to the world behind reborn years later into a paragon of Imperial service.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Siskan “Father Shot” Musket

Class: Basic (Primitive)

Fanatical theologians dominate the feudal world of Sisk and recorded in the records of their colonial founding is the admonishment that Siskan defence is “built upon the bones of our forefathers”. No weapon better lives up to the character of this world than does the gruesome, yet undeniably beautiful, Siskan musket.

Formed in the main from a human thighbone, traditionally from one of the wielder’s ancestors, this exquisite firearm is a highly desirable object in many noble circles. Utilizing an iron-capped tooth as its striking mechanism, the “Father Shot” is considered to be a reliable weapon with a reputation for lucky hits. In certain seedy areas of Sisk, down on their luck artificers are willing to create trophy muskets from bones brought to them by well-paying worlders. They seldom ask where the materials come from, as their patrons all too often have the steely glint of revenge in their eyes.

Basic, 40m, S/–/–, 1d10+3, I, PEN 0, Clip 1, RLD 5 Full, Primitive, WT 8kg, Cost 60, Scarce

Sisk Ash

Imported from Sisk, “Ash” is made from the burnt remains of a common bush-plant. These grey flakes are mixed with lho and smoked, producing a sweet distinctive scent which is so thick and cloying that it can even throw off Cybermastiff’s attempting to track the original user. It induces a relaxed, calming state, primarily in the smoker but also in those around him if the smoke is allowed to gather. If not mixed with lho it is much more powerful, and can cause unconsciousness.

The relaxing effects of Ash generally last 1d5 hours, and may require an Easy (+30) Willpower Test when the consumer is required to do something they chose not to do (such as go marching). Those using the pure drug must take a Hard (-20) Toughness Test or fall unconscious for 1 hour.

Cost 80, Scarce

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