This benevolent all-female cult spends much of its time plying the pilgrim paths and space-routes between worlds, bringing comfort to travellers and crew to help deal with the stresses of the warp. Formed unofficially as a group of clerics and priests to help travellers, they were eventually recognized and sanctioned by the Ecclesiarchy. Since that time, their numbers have continued to swell. The Sisters can mostly be found on pilgrim trails, though there is a chance of encountering them on any Imperial vessel. Few captains would refuse passage to a Sister and most crews readily welcome their presence. No one knows why the cult only allows female members, although it has been rumoured that it has something to do with the nature of warp travel. There is an old, though unproven, belief that women can cope better with this kind of travel, their minds being more resilient to its inherent dangers. In any case, few males would probably be interested in joining what they see as a non-militant cult of “nurses”.

The cult has no saints of its own, though it does revere holy days that reflect its beliefs. The cult attracts strong women, from all strata of society, who have decided to leave their lives behind to help others. A large proportion of the cult is made up of void born, many of whom have grown up with the Sisters in their midst. The symbol of the cult is a black disk, representing the emptiness of space. It is worth noting that unlike most cults, that have shrines on many worlds and large central churches from where the cult is governed, the Sisters have but a single shrine. This can be found on the Misericord and acts as the single official meeting place for the Sisters of the Void.

Exemplifying a kind and gentle aspect of the God-Emperor, the Sisters believe in the healing power of His light and the protection he brings though the blazing icon of the Astronomican. They are seen as little threat (either politically or to the faith) by the Sector Synod and accepted as a fairly benign cult. Some whisper however that the cult is in fact a front for something more sinister and the Sisters have spent years plying the void so that they might pass invisibly from one world to the next. What their true purpose could be however is difficult to fathom and certainly neither the Inquisition nor the church have shown an overt interest in them. Of course, this might all be part of their dark plans...

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