"When we found them they were but husks. They just sat there, staring into the sky. It was a beach of bodies ready to die. I could have waited for the tide to come in; I'm sure they would have drowned. We ended their suffering. It took nearly three hours, and they did not move. They just waited for their turn.”

—Guardsman Gayzon at the Bex Day Landing

The Prince of Pleasure is the youngest of the Chaos Gods. Slaanesh is divinely beautiful, but his beauty is so bizarre that it cannot be comprehended by mortal minds. He is the great tempter, impossible to look upon without losing one’s soul. Pleasure cults and nobles often turn to daemons of Slaanesh to help them in their quest for increasingly vile depravities. They operate in secret, undermining the fabric of the Imperium's society. The Gifts of Slaanesh can make a loyal servant supernaturally inspiring to his followers and popular even among his rivals.

A Daemonette whispers dark thoughts into the minds of those desperately seeking pleasure or pain. Dark rituals involving unspeakable acts can then lead to possession or a warp incursion.

As a worshipper becomes more devoted to Slaanesh, he inevitably finds that mundane pleasures grow stale. He seeks out ever greater sources of pleasure, pain, or intensity in increasingly debased acts of self-fulfilment and greater hedonistic pursuits. In time, the worshipper will seek out acts he cannot hide from the Inquisition, but by then it may already be too late to stop an incursion.

On Scintilla the entirety of the noble House of Thrungg was reduced to only three surviving members in M41.622 when the line was purged by Inquisitor Estroz. Only those members living off world were spared the wrath of the Ordo Malleus after the House’s actions led to the summoning of Merthen the Skindancer. The timely intervention of an Acolyte cell saw to the eventual banishment of the Daemon, but not before Sebellus Hive’s manufacturing potential was crippled for months. Descendants of the House Thrungg survivors are found on Scintilla occasionally, trying to corrupt the powerful noble families in retribution for the House’s fall.

Calixian ServantsEdit

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