Tusk’s only moon, cracked and scarred where the Fist of Gork collided with it shortly after arriving, is no less polluted and metal-strewn as the planet it circles, but for different reasons. Constructed during the time of Warlord Gulgrog, the fortress moon Slagnaz dominates the skies above Tusk. Its spires and towers provide Tusk with an additional collection of planetary defenses, mostly weapons salvaged from wrecked starships, and its great hall is resplendent with the trophies of whichever Ork can claim it as his own, plus those of every ruler who has come before. Currently, this is Snaga Morbad, who claims to have been one of Warlord Gulgrog’s Nobz, centuries before. However, Morgaash Kulgraz is rapidly gathering the hordes of Undred-Undred Teef behind him, and Snaga may yet be defeated.

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