One persistent rumor that surrounds the Beast House is that it has a single master and founder, an individual spoken of in hushed tones known as Solkarn Senk. Stories attribute him with superhuman and indeed supernatural abilities as a hunter and killer. Just who (or even perhaps what) Senk is, is a matter of some confusion and contradiction, but recent painstaking Inquisitorial investigations through the sector’s archives revealed that an individual with this name (or some similar derivation of it) has been associated with stories of the Beast House and mythical cults such as Dusk’s “Black Hunt” and the heresy of the “Ten-Who-Were-Taken” on Iocanthos for at least five centuries (and possibly far longer).

One obscure reference even exists to a bestial human warlord known as Sol’Cur’Sak operating in the region in the annals of the Rogue Trader Sinos, a full three centuries before the Angevin Crusade. Most likely (the Ordos believes) the name has become something of a traditional title for the Beast House’s current ruler and the diverse stories down the years apply to different individuals. The alternative, however, is a matter of some concern for those members of the Holy Ordos wishing to root out the corruption that lies at the heart of the Beast House.

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