To coreward of the Adrantis sub-sector lies the unique mining colony world of Soryth, an icy satellite famous for its rare frozen gas deposits and deadly chill.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Thermal Gloves

While the miners of Soryth are a hardy lot, the precision required for their work with tools is impossible to achieve with ice-numbed hands. A single spark from a misplaced strike can be fatal (and costly) in the sub-zero gas mines; so thermal gloves are somewhat of a necessity.

Thermal gloves are slender but sturdy gauntlets; thin enough to allow for delicate manipulation and lined with an assortment of circuitry that keeps them comfortably warm despite external weather. The power cells are incorporated into thin forearm shields in order to protect them from the elements. The energy in these cells can be used to power-up emergency ports on other equipment and, when doing so, provide a +10 bonus to Tech-Use Tests to restart generators, power up old data-slates and similar tasks. A full discharge from the generator cells can also be used to part-recharge a lasgun or laspstol clip as well, providing 1D5 shots of charge before draining the power cells entirely.

Cost 220, WT 1kg, Scarce

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