Synford II is a forge world in the Malfian Sub-sector of the Calixis Sector. It shares its name with the forge world Synford, despite both being in different sub-sectors.

Synford II was the cite of the death of the infamous arch-heretek Umbra Malygris, renegade of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Divine Light of Sollex. After subjecting several worlds in the Malfian Sub-sector to terrifying experiments, he and his rogue Explorator fleet found themselves lacking in materials. Malygris turned to raiding Mechanicus facilities to acquire the technology and resources he needed to continue his mad schemes. The raids were indiscriminate and widespread, and it was the Synford system that suffered Malygris’ attentions the most---after scouring Synford II down to bare rock for raw materials, the renegade’s fleet bombarded the planet to destruction, leaving only a shattered husk in their wake.

However, he then found himself cornered at the edge of the Synford II system, caught between the advancing Mechanicus Explorator fleets and the flanking Imperial Navy detachments. The battle was great, but a final blow from High Fabricator Castellar’s flagship, Iron Promise, destroyed much of Malygris' fleet. His ship and all remnants were destroyed soon after.

Forge World OriginEdit

Despite the similar name, Synford II is both nothing like and nowhere near Synford. Sitting in the Malfian Sub-Sector, Synford II is a shadow of its former self and a casualty of the Malygrisian Tech-Heresy. Some form of seismic weapon was unleashed upon the surface during the Tech-Heresy, removing most of Synford II’s production capacity and destabilizing the world’s surface so much that mining its abundant resources is now almost impossible.

Those who hail from Synford II cling to the former glory of their world, spending more time reminiscing about the past than looking to the future. They gain training in the Performer (Storyteller) Skill, the Total Recall Talent, and treat Scholastic Lore (Archaic), Scholastic Lore (Heraldry), and Scholastic Lore (Legend) as untrained Basic Skills.

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