Tainted Psykers are psykers who has given themselves over to the raw power of the warp. These psykers are teetering on the brink of complete damnation and being drawn into the thrall of dark and thirsting gods. Though it is fraught with risk and peril, the power that can be achieved by opening oneself further to the possibility of the warp is immense. Like opening a crack in the casing of a blast furnace to realize the roaring inferno contained inside, the power of the Tainted Psyker is as awful as it is terrifying. Storms of psychic force, uncanny control of flesh, and terrible ways of using the power of the warp are the weapons the Tainted Psyker has bought at the cost of his mind, body, and soul.

The touch of the warp is corrosive and dangerous to even a trained mind, filled as it is with echoes of vast and malign intelligences and the rawness of warp power. By opening themselves to the wider possibilities of psychic power and the undiluted warp energy, their minds begin to crumble, their bodies warped or crippled by the powers they are mediating. Many psykers, once they begin down the tainted path to power, find themselves consumed by emotions and inclinations that they cannot control as the warp echoes and amplifies their dreams, obsessions, and fears. This warping process can end with monstrous madness on the part of the individual psyker or one final fall to damnation and service to the dark gods.

Despite the dangers of cultivating the rawness of warp power, it is a risk taken by Radical Inquisitors who wish to put the abilities of such an individual to work for the ultimate good of the Imperium. Some Radicals even push the psykers in the service towards tainted and forbidden paths of psychic power. Some do this to create more potent walking weapons against the manifold threats that they must confront; others, such as those of the Horusian persuasion, use their own Acolytes as test subjects to be pushed and observed as part of their research into the creation of divine avatars.

Becoming a Tainted Psyker Edit

Becoming a Tainted Psyker simply requires a conscious choice of the part of a character to embrace the darker, corruption-laden possibilities of his abilities. There is no corruption or insanity gained on entering this rank, though it will surely follow as the psyker unlocks his darker potentials.

Required Career: Imperial Psyker, 15+ Corruption Points

Alternate Rank: Rank 5 or higher (3,000 XP)

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