There is, within the psychological foundation of every forge world, a deep-seated fear of Abominable Intelligences. Tales from millennia gone by, of ages now more impossible legend than story, speak of the near-extinction of the human race at the hands of legions of faceless iron golems, crafted sentiences that dared not only to think, but to think they were equal to Man. The Omnissiah and the Fabricator-General have forbidden the study of such fields, and any adepts who delve into this illicit branch of research are branded as Khamrian hereteks and hounded from the society of the Mechanicum, if not immediately rendered to Servitude. There are those adepts, however, who skirt the proscribed disciplines, seeking to better understand the hallowed machine-spirits that serve Mankind without, hopefully, falling into tech-heresy. The Tenninites are one such a group that exists in Calixis, though there are undoubtedly others even more furtive in their research.

Working primarily in small stations scattered throughout the Lathe Worlds, the Tenninites focus primarily on ancient machine-spirits, coaxing them back to active service and seeking ways to enhance their awareness and performance. They have achieved several minor breakthroughs that some might consider tech-heresy, but few outside adepts dare utilize these implementations given their source. Many assume there are also major discoveries that the Tenninites dare not reveal, lest they face the full wrath of the Lords Dragon. The sect assumes they are under constant surveillance, and likely infiltration as well, but so far has not faced outright action against them. This is surely an indication of their skills in keeping their other results all carefully hidden, until the proper time of revelation.

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