This station was the creation of Magos Genille Karl, a loyal disciple of the Maletek Sain Charnos and an intense student of the Empyrean. Her goal was to measure fluctuations in Warp tension, especially regarding violent emotional outbursts. Her experiments turned darker, though, as data suggested direct ties between strong emotions and Warp disturbances. As time passed, the station became an abattoir of torture and depravity in order to create greater and greater realspace fissures, all in the name of gathering Knowledge. The entire facility finally disappeared in a Warp burst that psykers detected for scores of light-years away, and damaged several voidships already in the Sea of Souls. Terimiv was never replicated, but disputed sightings of a ghastly object resembling its original form have been reported across the Sector, and even beyond in the Koronus Expanse.

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