Aside from it “public” face in the form of the Tricorn Palace on Scintilla and its fortresses on other worlds, the Inquisition has numerous other holdings whose names and natures are secret even to its own. The Tetragon Facility is one such locale. An echoing cold space station whose origin and original purpose are lost to silent history, it now serves the Tyrantine Cabal.

Empty and dead save when it is in use, the Tetragon is comprised of data-looms and stack archives, forensic bays and sensor auguries, it has staterooms for scores and barracks for a thousand and cells for thousands more. Its function is to go wherever it is needed, towed into position by the leviathan-power of Mechanicus Highliners to serve as a forward base to observe the aftermath of Komus’s visitations and mark the passage of the Tyrant Star.

Once all that can be learned has been learned, the concentrated data is rendered down and transferred to the Bastion Serpentis, the Tetragon is purged and falls silent once more until it is needed again. Rumors persist though that other shadowy forces within the Ordos still use the Tetragon in the long, cold dark between visitations for purposes of their own, for inquiries, for trials and experiments perhaps, things they cannot afford even their brethren to know…

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